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Providing the best merchandising services !


We offer a full range of merchandising services and are experts in quality retail merchandising and vendor refill.


National Coverage is one of our strengths, we offer our services in Metropolitan and Regional areas of Australia.


Client service is at the forefront of everything we do and our dedication to quality account management is second to none.


Our reporting provides insightful Analytics for our clients and details all tasks and projects completed by our merchandising teams.

Retail Dynamics provides merchandising services and solutions for major retail outlets in Australia.

An expanding company with a team of dedicated merchandisers servicing both metropolitan and regional areas offering an unsurpassed level of excellence in the retail merchandising.

Retail Dynamics offers an effective solution to implementing, measuring and reporting the Field Marketing strategies of our suppliers/principals.

Innovative Ways

Here at Retail Dynamics we lead the way in retail merchandising and vendor refil. Our skilled team operate throughout Australia.

Our professional team are dedicated to increasing sales through brand representation, merchandising and inventory management, as well as product training and providing technical services.

Retail Dynamics exclusive VENDORcapture offers a groundbreaking management reporting system. VENDORcapture puts us, and more importantly our clients, ahead of the pack. Keep up to date with live interactive reporting and total transparency.

Focus On Education

Our focus on education and training commences with our merchandising teams but is also directed to Bunnings managers and staff.

All of our merchandising team members are professionally inducted into their respective roles and provided with regular on site and theoretical training exercises to ensure we deliver great outcomes for our clients.

Educating Bunnings staff is equally important ensuring they possess an adequate level of product knowledge pertaining to all of our clients products maximising the chance of more sales for our clients.

Going Green

In an effort to look after our environment, Retail Dynamics are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  We have drastically reduced the amount of paper that is used on a day to day basis.  Most of our daily workings are done in the cloud and it is rare that anyone requires hard copies of anything.

We have purchased streaming hardware to broadcast presentations to the screen instead of printing out 10 – 15 copies of 50 plus pages when presenting to clients and prospective clients.

Solar power is now used to power the office and the latest enhancement is the purchase of Hybrid Vehicles for our fleet. With the amount of driving that is done in this business it made perfect sense both financially and environmentally to switch to hybrid vehicles.  Far less emissions and far less cost on fuel. As the business continues to grow, we will find ways to go further in pursuit of green.