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Merchandising Services For Bunnings Suppliers

Retail Dynamics is a leading provider of merchandising services for Bunnings suppliers throughout Australia. Our professional team of merchandisers help our clients to maximise in store sales through the implementation of a broad range of merchandising services and strategies.

Retail Dynamic’s has developed it’s own business management system and ongoing training program to ensure merchandisers are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to get the best results. Retail Dynamic’s clients experience high levels of communication and can monitor progress through a live and interactive reporting system.

We Partner With A Broad Range Of Clients

Whether you are just starting out as a supplier to Bunnings, or are an existing supplier seeking an improved level of service, Retail Dynamic has the knowledge, experience and national coverage to deliver the merchandising services your business requires.

New Supplier To Bunnings

New suppliers to Bunnings choose Retail Dynamic to help them get established and make an immediate impact in store.

Considering A New Partner

Many companies have moved to Retail Dynamics from other providers to experience improved service and greater transparency.

In house vs Outsourced

We also assist companies to transition from their inhouse merchandising teams to a partnership with Retail  Dynamics.

Need Temporary Coverage

We also help companies that need temporary coverage to fill gaps for their inhouse team or current merchandising partner.

The Retail Dynamics Difference

  • National Coverage

    We offer our services throughout metropolitan & regional areas right across Australia.

  • Dedicated Account Management

    Our dedication to providing quality account management is second to none.

  • Transparent Reporting

    Our reporting provides insightful analytics & details all tasks & projects completed by our merchandising teams.

A Focus On Education

Our focus on education and training commences with our merchandising teams, but is also directed to Bunnings managers and staff. Our merchandising team members are professionally inducted into their respective roles and provided with regular on site and theoretical training. Educating Bunnings staff is equally important, ensuring they possess an adequate level of product knowledge, pertaining to all of our client’s products, the desired outcome is maximising sales.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

At Retail Dynamics we continuously seeks ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Through the adoption of technology, and the implementation of new management systems, we have drastically reduced the amount of paper that we use on a day-to-day basis. Solar power is now used to power the office and we are replacing our fleet of  cars with Hybrid Vehicles, reducing emissions and the use of fuel.

What Some of our Clients Say

After many years of trial-and-error attempting to develop an in house best practice merchandising program to support our Major retail customers, we as a company Companion Brands made the move to outsourcing our store Merchandising requirements.

After two failed attempts using over promising and under delivering merchandising companies, we were again on the hunt for a True / reliable merchandising company.

Using industry contacts that had long associations in Retail chain support it was recommended we partner up with Retail Dynamics as they are known as a Professional organisation that know the level of support Retail stores require.

Since partnering up with Retail Dynamics in April 2017 our Merchandising support level at our Major retail customer is at the level we expected after moving from our in-house program and has proven to be an affordable customer support mechanism for our business.

The Retail Dynamics in- Field & Back-office support has been second to none, with continual improvements of their already well managed and communicated processes we feel we will continue gaining real time growth in both product sales and customer satisfaction.

Retail Dynamics highlights

  • Professional Management at both Head office and State levels
  • Outstanding communications
  • Well trained reliable field staff
  • Reporting – Live information on call cycles etc..
  • Positive In-Field team members willing to give direct feedback.
  • Willing to help at short notice and minimal disruption to std call cycles with any extra requests such as in store -relay’s, stock checks, etc..

I’ve only been involved with the team at Retail Dynamics for short amount of time. During that time, they have been involved in a very large time sensitive rollout through one of our large national customers.

They successfully managed to complete this rollout in a very short amount of time required and sorted out the various issues as they came to hand. I would have no issues recommending the Retail Dynamics team to anyone in a similar situation to look after their merchandising and product relays in store.

Their knowledge, professionalism and connections of not only ours but our customers’ requirements and processes are second to none.